Summer Hair

I’ve finally gotten to another tutorial for you! In fact, since I didn’t make one for a while, I did a 3-in-1 combo, to make up for lost time. ūüėČ

The first is just two fishtails, but they seem to exude “summer” to me.




The second is more of a fun one, but the cool thing about this is it keeps the hair off your neck, and is super fast and easy to do.



And last, but not least, my go-to “messy bun”. (It’s actually not THAT messy.) It’s also really fast to do.



Okay, enough said. I can hear you, “JUST LET ME AT THE VIDEO ALREADY!!!”

As always, let me know what you thought! ūüėČ



My Everyday Makeup

Here’s a really easy and quick makeup tutorial that looks good on everyone!

1. As always, start with your concealer and foundation. Unless you have amazing skin under your eyes, always use the concealer there. It really brightens up your eyes, but make sure to blend it really well. 



2. Now line the inside water line of your upper lid with black liner. Also line right in between your eyelashes. This is called tight-lining.




3. Curl your eyelashes from the base to the tips. 



4. Brush on mascara on your top lashes and bottom lashes. See how bright and open your eyes look!



5. My lips usually have a lot of color naturally, but if your lips are on the lighter side, then use a natural lip-colored gloss, tint, or stain. Not lipstick or lip liner here – it’s too heavy!



A really nice, more natural look that everyone looks good wearing!


As I always say, if you liked this, PLEASE tell me – it helps me know what to post about!


“The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” The Chronicles of Narnia ~ Movie Review

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, the 2005-2006 version (probably by far the most well-known), is the movie on review today.


I’m a huge fan of the series of books written by C. S. Lewis – the Chronicles of Narnia. So I was excited about a movie made from the book, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe – except for a few reasons. Here they are.

1. Story


I was really, really worried that the filmmakers would ruin the story from the book. It seems difficult to find a good representation of any¬†book when it’s turned into a movie.


2. Portrayal of Scenes


It’s one thing to imagine the White Witch, Peter killing Maugrim, and the battle between Peter and the Witch, as well as a million other scenes. But watching them is another issue. Seeing it is so much more “real” than just imagining them.

Those were my two biggest worries about this movie, and now I’ll go through and answer those problems along with the rest of the review!


1. Story


Amazingly, they stuck¬†pretty close¬†to the book. There were a few added things, but they were so well done, that I won’t complain. It was really good. (Which was surprising.)


2. Portrayal of Scenes


There are battle scenes, which means it could be really gruesome, but they did a fantastic job at not going crazy. Yes, you see a lot of things being wounded or killed (mostly not people, but creatures), but it wasn’t done in a horrific or gory way at all. It probably would be pretty scary for a young child, though.

Also, when Mr. Tumnus is trying to kidnap Lucy, that scene could be a little scary, because he’s trying to put Lucy in a trance. It wasn’t frightening or mesmerizing for me, but just so you know, you see shapes and animals in the fireplace.




The music – I absolutely cannot say enough! Wow, wow, wow! It was amazing! Harry Gregson-Williams is very talented, and he did a fantastic job, especially during the final battle scene. It was just¬†spectacular!¬†I had the chills while I was listening to that scene, it was so good! (As a matter of fact, I’m listening to it as I write!)

The acting – it was so perfectly done, I had a hard time remembering that these were actors. They seemed so real! My favorite actress was Georgine Henley who played Lucy, but all of the actors were outstanding!

The visual effects – they are just blow-your-mind good! In fact, I sometimes had a hard time figuring out if they actually did a certain thing *cough, cough* (“whoosh”), or if it was just CGI. I couldn’t believe it!




A few strange and (extremely) ugly creatures on the Witch’s side (nicknamed by my brother, “The Witch’s Uglies”), might be really creepy¬†for kids, so be warned. They aren’t in it a whole lot, which was good; just know that they’re there.

I would not recommend this for young children, despite them being the targeted audience. It’s really made more for teens and young adults, in my mind, anyway. There are plenty of scenes that kids could watch, but overall, they’d miss most of story, so you should probably skip it until they’re older. ¬†I wouldn’t put an age on it (“only watch it once you turn 13”) because every person is different. If you’re scared easily, then definitely you’ll want to wait.


For your information, this movie was rated PG, and I would definitely agree.

And, my brother did this post on his blog about this movie that you really need to read!

Over all, I really, really, liked, no, enjoyed this movie (“liked” isn’t a strong enough word), and I would highly recommend you watch it!


And by the way,

The four Pevensies say,

They all hope that you


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Spring Photography ~ 2017

Spring is one of my favorite seasons (second only to summer) because of all the pretty things that finally start growing! I really wanted to take pictures of these things, but I didn’t for a while because there were too many bumble bees for my liking. But I didn’t want to waste a spring without pictures, either. Thankfully, once I got out there, I didn’t get attacked (too much) and we each minded our own businesses. Here are the pictures!


I named this tree “Windslow”. Windslow is just outside my window, reminding me of the “Snow Queen” tree from Anne of Green Gables.


This picture I didn’t have time to “ready, aim, fire!” because of the bees flying around. I just threw my arms up to that spot on the tree, and hit the button – I can’t believe it turned out okay!¬†(Can you spot the bug?)



Only three of The Four Sisters came up from last year.



This tulip is one of my favorites. I don’t remember seeing it last year – where did it come from?


Playing with perspective.




Okay, I don’t name EVERYTHING, but this tulip does have a name – Velvet – and it almost didn’t come up, but in the end, she bloomed beautifully!


This is my favorite tulip this year – I was worried that it wouldn’t bloom either! It didn’t look very healthy, but, here it is!

Which is your favorite?


Sight & Sound Theater: JONAH ~ Review

I was extremely privileged to be able to see this fantastic production by Sight & Sound theaters – in my city! Sight & Sound filmed one of their musicals, JONAH, in front of a live audience, and the film came to regular theaters on May 2! I’m going to review it now, so you might want to find yourself a cup of something to drink; this might take a while…

First of all, this was phenomenal! Everything from the sets, animals, costumes, props, actors, lights, and THE fish were just blow-your-mind amazing! I was really, really impressed. Even though the connection at the theater I saw it in was bad (and I missed several minutes of the play), the rest of it was really good, and it made up for the parts I missed. And who really makes a 40 foot long fish for their musical play? These people did!

Now, the critiquing stuff.

1. Acting


It was amazing! Everyone did such a good job, and Jonah (well, really everybody) was so believable it didn’t seem like they had any forced lines or got out of character – ever. Delivery of lines is so crucial; and these actors knew exactly how to do it perfectly!

Note: Be warned – Jonah is really funny at some parts!


2. Singing


Yes, they had actors that not only acted amazingly, but sang incredibly well! I. Love. Musicals. Okay, so maybe it’s not so realistic when a whole crowd of people sounds like the London Symphony Orchestra choir, but that’s not the point – and if you don’t like musicals like that, then why are you watching them?

Jonah’s “arise and go” song was definitely where he shined the most – and he was outstanding the rest of the time, too!

And that brings us to the…


3. Music


Ah, yes, the music. The soundtrack was amazing! (Let’s see, I need to use a different word than “amazing” for everything – how about stellar?) Yes, the soundtrack was stellar! The use of different instruments gave it a touch of a Jewish sound, while other times it sounded underwater. (I can’t explain it any better than that – once you see it, then you’ll know what I mean.)


4. Dance/Choreography/Costumes 


The choreography for the dances were really well done (like everything else) and the dances were beautiful and wonderfully danced. And just think of the choreography for everything else besides dances Рeverything was beautifully arranged to please the eye. I really loved the bright colors on most of the costumes, and you could certainly tell that a lot of time and effort was put into making them. Just with all the beads, jewels, ruffles, layers, stitching. Not to mention Рhow many hundreds of costumes did they have to make?


5. Sets/Props


Didn’t I already say everything was fantastic? This certainly ups the count of wonderful things about this musical – the sets were gorgeous! Nineveh was actually two stories – and two BIG stories, too! And they weren’t fake stories; there was a person actually on the top story! Wow, right? And the weapons featured at Nineveh looked extremely real – because even a really good actor would have a hard time holding a sword that’s made out of plastic or Styrofoam like it’s really¬†heavy and made from metal! But these actors did hold them like they were heavy, which makes me curious… what were they made of?


See? I had nothing bad to say about it! And, really, truly, I’m not joking – I enjoyed every single second of this whole production, and I really want to see it again!

But guess what? It was so popular the first time they showed it on May 2, they’re going to do an encore! So that means if you missed seeing it on May 2, you still have another chance! So what are you waiting for? Go buy your tickets here!


Note: The pictures I am not selling, making a profit from, or benefiting from these in any way, shape, or form, and are wholly for the enjoyment of the reader. All copyrights remain with the respective owner(s).

Spring Makeup Tutorial

This is a fun spring makeup look, and today I’ll do a tutorial of it. Of course, there are a million different ways you can wear this, and the colors you choose.

1. Begin with your foundation and concealer, and be sure to apply it under your eyes as well.



2. Now I’m using a highlighter cream that has glitter in it, but a non-glittery one would work just as well.


Put it under the arch of your eyebrows and at the inside corners of your eyes. Then go over the same places with a white eyeshadow.



3. Sweep a color that’s close to your natural skin tone on your lids from the lash line to the crease. Blend.



4. Using a purple eyeshadow and en eyeliner brush, line your lid with a medium-deep purple.



5. Now use a lighter purple and blend that on the outside corners of your eyes, then put a light pink on the inside corners.



6. Just on the crease of your lid, blend on a light green.



7. Apply mascara to your top lashes¬†only,¬†but don’t curl them this time. You want to keep this really soft. With the eyeliner brush and gold glitter eyeshadow, line right under your lower lash line.



8. Now put on a soft blush. Though it doesn’t show up on camera, I used a¬†shimmery one, but it’s up to you.



9. Cover your lips in a fresh, soft pink berry colored lip gloss.





This look is also great if you want to do a b&w photo (above) as it’s just dark enough to show up, but still soft and pretty.

Have fun! ūüėÄ


Roman Hair

I’m going to do some ancient roman hair today! I’ve done three different roman hairstyles that you could dress up or down, or¬†even wear them every day. The three hairstyles range from easy, medium, or hard difficulty levels – just remember, don’t feel intimidated to try the hard one – practice makes perfect! Ready to get started? Okay, let’s go!

1. Easy – Classic Roman Bun




2. Medium – Roman Braid Combo




3. Hard – Roman Braid Updo




All of these are either based off of sculptures or old sketches – but you can get really creative. As far as accessories, you saw in my tutorials that I used mostly pearls, which were used back then (and it’s what I had on hand) but you can do a million different things. Here are just a few to get you started:





Gold Dust (you can find spray-on gold specifically for hair)

Jewels and Pearls

Fancy hair sticks were used to secure many updos, but for modern convenience, I used hidden bobby pins, then decorated my hair separately.

How many or how much of each of these things you wore seemed to have a great deal to do with where you were going or how wealthy you were. Have fun!