Behind the Scenes of My Previous Post

When my family and I were eating lunch, I announced out of the blue that I was going to film my “You Know You’re a ‘Beyond the Mask’ Fan, If…” video with my little sister. Our “set” was in the basement, away from crashing sounds upstairs. The first thing I did was set up the table, complete with props: the “Beyond the Mask: Official Illustrated Movie Guide”, the “Beyond the Mask: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”, and a handful of Theater Captain business cards. Next, I attached the official t-shirt to the wall removable glue dots. Unfortunately, they were a littleĀ too removable, making the shirt keep falling down. There was still something missing. I ran through my mental list again – of course! I needed the poster. I ran back upstairs, grabbed it, ran back down, and attached it to the wall just like the shirt. Lovely.

Now, the camera. I used my Mom’s iPhone, but it didn’t have a stand or tripod. But, like I told my sister, movie makers have solutions. Rubber bands, twist ties, and an old, free-standing little-kids basketball hoop would do the trick. Or would it? No, not quite. After I’d hooked the phone to the hoop with rubber bands, I noticed the basket ball net was in the way. So I unhooked it, and reworked my rubber band contraption. It certainly wasn’t still, but if one held it correctly, it wouldn’t swing around, right? Famous last words. I chose an old ottoman for me to sit on, and a step-stool for my sister to stand on. They were perfect heights. It was fun, even with “Wiggly Camera Syndrome.” I finally got to the point where there was just one more thing to film. Guess what? The phone died in the middle of my last shot. Solution? Plug it in and wait.

Once it had charged enough, I filmed the last part. After all that, I ended up cutting it out of the final video. The next day I remembered we didn’t finish filming, and we did our “acting” shots that day. (Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean!) I edited all the filming, which took many hours, but forgot to save my work. The next morning I found out the program had lost it, and I had to start over. To keep my spirits up, I listened to the Soundtrack. Needless to say, this time I saved my work quite often. It really was a lot of fun, even if I ran into minor roadblocks – they helped me think outside the box! Most of all, though, I hope this will make you want to buy “Beyond the Mask”!





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