My Favorite Hair Products

Back in February, I told you how you can help your hair be healthier, and possibly grow faster, too. Today I’m going to show you some of my favorite hair products: not just shampoo and conditioner.


Shampoo: My favorite is, hands-down, “Desert Essence Organic: Red Raspberry, Shine Enhancing”. While I’m not sure if it makes my hair shine like the bottle tells you it will, it does make my hair feel softer, and cleaner, with just a small squeeze. It also doesn’t strip my hair of natural oils, which is fantastic. This is a good option for every day use.


Conditioner: With my hair being over 2′ long in the summer of 2015, I used a LOT of conditioner to make it somewhat manageable. None of them did enough, so I used mounds every day. Plus, my hair is pretty thick, and I’d need to use a lot anyway. It wasn’t until after I had my hair cut drastically that I started using “Desert Essence Organic: Coconut Conditioner”. Wow, it did wonders! My hair is so much softer, smoother, and looks a lot better too! Plus, the conditioner smells nice. 🙂 A close second is “Hugo Naturals: Coconut” conditioner. One time I accidentally used a mountain of that stuff, and pretty much didn’t have to brush my hair for a few days, because there weren’t any tangles!


Curl Serum: For this I’ve only tried one brand, but it works well, and I see no need to try another. I use “Suave Professionals Curling Serum” before I curl my hair with a curling iron or heatless. I can’t say for certain whether it can hold a curl with an iron, because my curls fall out with any kind of product. It does, however, help keep no-heat curls to stay all day.


Mousse: This one I don’t have a favorite brand, I’ve used so many and not seen any difference between them. (Except the smell: some are just way too strong!) TRESemme has a good one, though. I used the “Tres Mousse: Extra Firm Control” for curls, and that worked pretty well, though I like the Curl Serum for that better.


Dry Shampoo: This one I’ve never bought from the store, but always made my own. This is the recipe I always use:

You could also try this:


Hairspray: I only use Pantene’s hairspray. It certainly isn’t the only brand, but it seems like a good one. Two different weights are good: a light one, and a heavier one for updos. I also try to avoid aerosol hairspray, as that isn’t good to breathe. Well, no hairspray is good to breathe, but you can get away with it better if it isn’t aerosol.


As far as pomi, spray wax, hair wax, and hair dirt goes, I don’t have any advice, having never used any! 😀


By the way, here are a few of my favorite hair websites:










4 thoughts on “My Favorite Hair Products

  1. Thanks! My mom says my hair is “like straw”… I’ve tried a couple different kinds of shampoo and they all seemed the same. I’ll have to tell her about this kind…

    Oh BTW does that kind make shampoo and conditioner together (like one bottle; they’re mixed) so you only have to wash your hair once?

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    • Yes, you should try that shampoo!
      The shampoo and conditioner are separate, so you’d have to use one then the other. However, I think the organic Red Raspberry shampoo makes my hair not tangle as much as if I used a “regular” shampoo, like one from a hotel. But not as de-tangled as if I used conditioner. 🙂
      Another thing to think about: do you wash your ends as well as your scalp? Because that will dry them out too much.
      And if you use conditioner on your scalp and not your ends, it will make it greasy and limp, unless your hair is really super curly, which means it’s dry.
      Does that help?

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