Spring Fashion 2016


“IN THE KNOW” with Amara















The official spring colors this year are light blue and light pink. However, coral and mint are everywhere as well. 🙂


Black Chokers

Black Choker

This 90’s trend is coming back! You can easily incorporate black chokers into almost any outfit.


Lace Dresses

Lace Dress

Lace dresses are very pretty and are right with spring style!


Oversized Florals

Big Flower Dress

Are you ready to wear this trend?

Make sure to pick a print that doesn’t overpower you! The shorter the girl you are, the smaller the print you should wear. But if you’re like 6′, then you can get away with a very large print. Girls in the middle should go with a medium-sized print.


Denim Accessories



From vests to shoes, bracelets to bags, denim is very popular!


That’s a quick run-down of this spring’s trends!

If you’d like one for summer, please be sure to like this post and leave a comment!




11 thoughts on “Spring Fashion 2016

  1. Haha! I like the picture at the top. 😀

    I don’t really care about fashion or trends at all… I probably wear mismatching outfits all the time (I don’t know because I don’t care to check and see :P) but this was still cool! (Although I don’t like jewelry, high heels, or dresses/skirts… :P)

    Anyway, please do a summer one because I always love reading any of your posts!

    Liked by 1 person

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