Accent Braids ~ Tutorial

Accent braids are really cute, and I did a tutorial of a few for you! I hope you enjoy!


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Music: “Sweet and Bubbly” by Amara Copyright Castles in Clouds. All rights reserved.



6 thoughts on “Accent Braids ~ Tutorial

  1. Cool! I didn’t get to finish all of it yet (I have to go eat lunch) but it looks cool. I will probably be doing these even with my straight hair (I VERY rarely curl my hair.)

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      • I finished it!! I had always wondered how to do a fishtail braid… now I know and have on in right now! (I love it so much it’s not just an accent; I did one big fishtail braid down the back of my head!) Thanks!

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      • Great! I’m glad you like fishtails, too! There’s something about them that makes them so much fun…so nice. My age old question – do you have a picture? Because I love them!
        Anyway, you’re welcome! 😀

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