Spring Photography ~ 2016

I’m not a professional photographer, but I still like doing it. It’s about time I share some of my spring photos with you. Enjoy!


This is a tulip, though it looks more like a cross between a star flower and a tiger lily.


Small rhododendrons. Keep your eyes out for these this Monday!


Another tulip. No matter how hard I tried, nor how long I stayed to photograph it, it WOULD be fuzzy. But I decided to stick it in anyway.


A picture just doesn’t capture it.


These I called “The Four Sisters”. They look like two sets of twins the way they’re paired together.


Two of sisters. They almost look like poppies!


Isn’t the little baby tulip so cute?


These really spread!


Here’s a close-up of them.


Some might call these “weeds”. Look at the tiny flowers! The picture makes them look so much bigger than they actually are. In real size, I wouldn’t even notice there were flowers if I didn’t look close!


Anyone know what this is? Yummy! Unfortunately, the little chipmunks eat the fruit.


This is definitely one of the fastest leaf growing trees around us. Look how full it is!


And the one next to it isn’t so eager…the buds are just now starting to poke out.




Again, another “weed”. But even weeds can be pretty, can’t they?


This is my second-favorite. I love the rich pink color.


And this tulip is my all-time favorite this year so far. This picture doesn’t do it justice. Close, but not quite.


Isn’t nature so — refreshing? I have to thank my mom for getting back to taking pictures. I’d tried a few times, but I felt like I’d lost my “touch”, so I got a little gloomy. She encouraged me to go back again, and I ended up enjoying myself immensely. I got my favorites that day than any day before.

Please tell what you thought! 🙂 Which was your favorite?

This was my first photography post I did last year on my family’s blog:


I’m trying to get better!


P.S. Do you want to guess what kind of camera I used?

Hint: it’s not a kind you’d probably expect.


16 thoughts on “Spring Photography ~ 2016

  1. Oh, I know what the fruit flower is. We grow them in our garden 🙂 Should I say, or should I let others guess?

    And I have no idea what camera you used.

    Liked by 1 person

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