Charlotte Holloway Inspired Hair Tutorial ~ #1

I am a huge fan of the movie “Beyond the Mask”. This tutorial takes a different twist than my other ones. I’m going to try to recreate one of Charlotte Holloway’s hairstyles!


IMG_4821[1]Charlotte - Dock Cropped


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Did you want more Charlotte-inspired hairstyles? Please leave me a comment telling me what you thought!


Note: This tutorial is not endorsed by Burns Family Studios and the pictures I am not selling, making a profit from, or benefiting from these in any way, shape, or form. All copyrights remain with the respective owner(s). (Excluding my own photos.) It’s just my guess on how to make a similar look.


5 thoughts on “Charlotte Holloway Inspired Hair Tutorial ~ #1

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  2. Yay!! I DEFINITELY want more Charlotte hairstyles!
    And I know what part of the movie she wears it like that because I saw the picture comparing your hair and hers. But I don’t think I would have guessed otherwise.

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