Charlotte Holloway Inspired Hair Tutorial ~ #3

Hello fellow Beyond the Mask fans! Here again I have one of Charlotte’s hairstyles. This hairstyle is simple, but very pretty with Charlotte’s signature curls.

Charlotte's Hair ~ Breakfast #3-cropped

Amara's Hair #4















As you can see, my hair is thicker than hers, so it won’t look identical. But whether your hair is thick or thin, you can do this style!

While it’s difficult to see in the movie, I was able to identify that it was two twists joined at the back – I had no idea how – but it ended up turning out pretty close to the original.



Music: “Reflection in E” copyright by Castles in Clouds. All rights reserved.

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Note: This tutorial is not endorsed or sponsored by Burns Family Studios and the pictures I am not selling, making a profit from, or benefiting from these in any way, shape, or form. All copyrights remain with the respective owner(s). (Excluding my own photos.) It’s just my guess on how to make a similar look.


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