Fall Fashion ~ 2016

What to wear this fall with…


“IN THE KNOW” with Amara


Faux Fur Vests


Ah, the warm fuzziness of vests! Not only do they add a warm layer, they’re in, too!


All Things Tan


From coats to skirts, boots to dresses, and everything in between, tan is the way to go!


Peasant Blouses


Keep them plain or go all out – you’ll be sure to find one that suits you.



Leather Jacket.jpg

Don’t just think leather jackets – think pants, skirts, boots, gloves, bracelets, and shirts.


Remember, fall is a time for picking out more “earthy” tones – olive, chocolate, or stone gray for your base; add ruby or burgundy, deep purple, emerald green, or navy for some pop. Fall is also a great time to wear wool, corduroy, and layers.

And a note to girls with blonde hair: DO NOT WEAR BLACK! While black is a stunning color on dark haired beauties, blonde girls just shouldn’t wear black. Go for browns or tans, not black. If you HAVE to wear black, DO NOT wear it near your face! It makes you look older and tired.

And a note to girls with dark hair or any bit of gray (yes, even the smallest, smallest bit): remember I said tan was great for fall? DO NOT WEAR IT! Most every fashion color has it’s limits and guidelines; just because it’s “in” doesn’t mean you should necessarily wear it.

Okay, let’s summarize:

Wait a minute. I hear all you red-heads screaming at me saying, “okay, great: but what do I wear?”

Well, for red haired girls, it’s best if you stick to mostly greens and browns as your base color; black is a no-no, but tan is good. Gray is not so great; blue is nice.

Okay, NOW let’s summarize:

Blonde = NO BLACK, yes tan.

Brunette = NO TAN, yes black.

Red-head = NO BLACK, yes tan.

Gray = NO TAN, yes black.


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9 thoughts on “Fall Fashion ~ 2016

  1. Haha. Black is the best color on me. My blond hair really shows on a black shirt, and so I always wear a black shirt when I want to look nice.
    And I need all the help I can get to look older! Tired, maybe not, but… I’m so hyper that it wouldn’t hurt to make me look a bit more tired than usual, because then I’d look like a normal person. xP
    As usual, I’ll say all the things you mentioned that I like, and the ones that I don’t like.
    Vests…. I do not like vests. Sorry, they just seem weird to me. 😛
    Tan clothes… they’re okay. They don’t really look good on me though.
    Blouses… blech. I’ll stick to regular T-shirts. I don’t like super girly pretty fancy clothes. (sorry, I’m just not like that. (And what is a peasant blouse?))
    Leather… OH YES! I like leather, but sadly I don’t have any leather clothing, jewelry, etc. 😛
    Okay, I’ll stop saying all the things I don’t agree with in your post 😛 and go study for Bible Bee! I need to memorize like 600 verses in 56 days! :O

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow, only 1 got your appoval? Ha! What about plaid? I didn’t metion that one yet… xD
      There has to be some Jo March in the bunch! (About you not liking girly clothes.) I go both ways, depending on what I feel like. So my wardrobe is a nice mix.
      A peasant blouse is a loosly fitting shirt, usually drawn with a draw string or elastic at the neck, and very billowy sleeves.


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