Christmas Fashion ~ 2016

Christmas is really just around the corner! Don’t blink yet, it might be here! Are you ready?


“IN THE KNOW” with Amara

While I can’t help you with your Christmas shopping, I CAN give you some advice on what to wear – from clothes to makeup to hair – so don’t stress.

This is what I’m wearing this year. (Yes, that’s me singing.) 😉
Version 2

It seems like tulle skirts have gotten popular for fun occasions, so I decided to wear (actually, make) one of theses puffy things. Yes, you can make them! It sounded so easy, and I found two free online tutorials that were very helpful. Keep in mind, though: YOU NEED A PARTNER!!!! During the proccess, another pair of hands is very helpful.

This shirt was at JCPenney’s.


Or how about blue and gray? Also very pretty.


I found this dress and scarf at JCPenney’s. Want the hair glitter? Keep reading…


I. love. glitter. (In fact, I have a shirt that says “my favorite color is GLITTER”.) I said glitter and sparkles are great for clothes, but they’re fabulous for eyeshadow! Here’s a really easy and effective way to wear it right.


1. Choose a white/ivory shimmery eye shadow and apply it with an eyeshadow brush across your entire lid. Blend it around to make sure you have it even. Repeat on the other eye.



2. I’m currently using Calvin Klein mascara in black, but I much prefer L.A. Colors mascara in dark brown, soft black, and very black.


Apply the mascara to your top lashes…


…and don’t forget your bottom lashes! (Optional: Curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler BEFORE you sweep on the mascara.)


Tada! You’re finished!


Maybe you’re not so into the glittery lids thing, so I’ve also included a really easy and fast way to wear dark lipstick – without it leaving lipstick on everything or looking heavy, thick, and too dark.


1. I’m using Cover Girl TruShine lipstick in 420. Apply it all over your lips, but follow their natural outline.




2. Grab a tissue…


…press it on your lips…


Peel away and voila!



3. Repeat the tissue step.


You’re done!


So fast and easy!

Just remember to bring the lipstick you used with you in case of mishaps!



Of course, if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, my big passion is for hair, and this post wouldn’t be complete without it.

As a general rule, if you’re getting your picture taken (which at Christmas happens a lot), most everyone looks best if you wear your hair down. At least, mostly down. That’s a hard thing for me because I love coming up with and wearing elaborate updos, but looking back at pictures, I like my hair better when it’s down. Here is one of my favorite ways to wear it down. Unfortunately, curling takes a little while to do, and I usually end up leaving it straight.


Also, you may remember this hairstyle I did a few months ago, which is a variation on these curls.

Another hairstyle I did I based off this tutorial, but I just used half my hair and curled the rest. Here’s a (not so good) picture of it:




This is a hairstyle I did on my mom. I love wand curls!


Have you ever thought about glitter – in your hair? I saw this really handy video from Cute Girls Hairstyles, and I immediately wanted to do the hair glitter. You can see that video here. Anyway, here is MY tutorial for you.

Here’s what you need: A bowl for mixing, hair gel (I’m using TRESemmé), crafting glitter, and a paint brush.



1. Squeeze a small amount of hair gel into the bowl.



2. Pour the glitter in. You want enough to cover over all the little mound of gel, and then some extra.



3. Mix. Add more glitter or more gel until you get a thick, gloppy mixture.



4. Spread it on your partline. 


So fun, right? You can easily style your hair into something as well.



That’s the end – I did a little of this, and a little of that…

Merry Christmas!




2 thoughts on “Christmas Fashion ~ 2016

  1. I just realized I’d forgot to say what I like and don’t like about Christmas fashion this year! 😛
    This is just my opinion. I’m not trying to make anyone mad. (I doubt anyone will get mad… but…. just in case…)
    I don’t like skirts at all, and to me, tulle skirts are just… weird.
    Blue and gray are pretty colors to go together!
    I’m not a fan of makeup really… especially eye shadow and lipstick. Although it’s fun to look through your Holloywood from Home posts and stuff, I just think that people look best without makeup. It is fun to play around with makeup and then wash it all off when you’re done, though….
    All the hairstyles are pretty. They’re not my favorites that you’ve done, but they’re pretty pretty. ;P
    I don’t really care for the hair glitter stuff. I love glitter, but to me it looks weird when it’s in hair.
    But that’s all just my opinion, and I understand that other people have different opinions. In case you couldn’t already tell, I’m not someone who loves dressing up and being all fancy. (In fact, I HATE dressing up and being all fancy. Just a t-shirt and shorts or jeans are fine for me, and if I was allowed I would wear them anywhere and everywhere, no matter what the occasion. :P)
    Even though I didn’t really care for most of the fashions you talked about on here, I still really enjoyed looking at this post!! 😀 😛


    • Haha, you’re so funny, Hannah! I’m not offended, don’t worry. Everyone has their own taste of what’s pretty, and that’s what makes the world an interesting place. If everyone was the same, it would be quite dull.
      It’s good to stay away from makeup when you’re young and already pretty! Or just use very little of it, anyway.
      I LOVE dressing up and being fancy!
      Thanks for your thoughts, Hannah! 🙂


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