Though I don’t know excatly how to class this piece of writing (it’s not really like a short story), I wanted to post it here anyway.

I hope you enjoy!


She gaily tripped down the long, mossy stone path towards her favorite spot in the woods, unseen by anyone. As she walked, Aster’s long golden hair softly blew behind her like a veil. She was tall and slender, and wore a creamy pink dress. Around her neck was a string of pearls and she prefered to go barefooted than wear shoes. Her face was rosy; her deep blue eyes were enchanting, big and dreamy. Aster finally entered the fairy tale-like place. The afternoon sun shone invitingly through the trees, casting its golden rays on the bubbling brook that ran through the middle of the woods. Wildflowers covered the ground, and climbing roses encircled an old stone bench. A warm breeze rustled the leaves and her dress, as she stood in awe of the beauty around her. For several minutes she stood in reverent-like silence. Nothing moved. Only the sounds of the trickling brook reminded her that she was not dreaming. Taking her seat on the bench, she breathed in the summer air. Aster gently pulled a rose from the vines, and weaved it into her hair. She contentedly closed her eyes…

Then I woke up.




All of the events in this story are solely based on the author’s imagination, and any resemblance to any persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Copyright 2017 Castles In Clouds


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