Hollywood From Home #3

Wow, I didn’t realize I was so busy until I’ve been trying to post 2 posts a week!

I was wondering if this new idea for a post would generate any interest. Instead of doing a makeup tutorial this week (they take a lot of time!) how about nail polish? I’ll give it a post, and, if it doesn’t have enough interest, then I’ll skip it next time and just focus on makeup.

This is a nail color you’ve probably seen before if you’ve seen any celebrity or watched the Inauguration of our new president. Quite a few newscasters have sported this too, as well as the First Lady Mrs. Trump on Friday. It’s a simple yet striking look, and I hope you liked it as much as I did!

Before you start any manicure, make sure you cut and file your nails to your desired length. Choose a color that is very pale pink. If you don’t have it in a bottle you can mix polish colors just like paint (like I’m doing here). Be sure you use an old paint palette or paper plate – something you don’t mind having polish stick on.

1. First, I’m using Sally Hanson’s nail polish in Hard-ly There.



2. Add a few drops of medium pink. I used KleanColor in Pastel Orange. (It’s actually pink in color, but obviously not in name).



3. Mix.



4. Now I added a few drops of this copper-bronze colored polish by Essie in Penny Talk.



5. Mix.



6. I added more of the first color to lighten it up.



7. Now add two drops of white.



8. At this point, it’s up to you how dark or light you want it to be. I added a few more drops of pink to finish it off.



9. Now put it on your nails! 



10. Add another coat, and let it dry. I did about 3-4 coats of polish in all. Don’t worry if you slop it around the edges (like me). It easily comes of with a bit of remover on a cotton swab or just by wear.



Finish off the whole thing with a top coat, and you’re done!


This manicure just completes the outfit, even without bright or bold colors!

What are your thoughts? Should I continue doing nail polish as well as makeup or not?



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