The Miracle Worker ~ Review

This film was released in 1962, and is a classic starring Patty Duke and Anne Bancroft with Victor Jory, Inga Swenson, and Andrew Prine. But just because it’s a classic doesn’t mean it’s worth watching. Find out with this review!

This is the official synopsis of the film:

“Blind and deaf after suffering a terrible fever as a baby, young Helen Keller has spent years unable to communicate, leaving her frustrated and occasionally violent. As a last chance before she is institutionalized, her parents contact a school for the blind, which sends half-blind Annie Sullivan to teach Helen. Helen is initially resistant, but Annie gradually forms a bond with her and shows Helen ways of reaching others.”

First of all, the movie was well-made. The acting was fantastic, and the story was wonderful, being based off a true story. I’m not sure how closely they followed Helen’s autobiography, (The Story of My Life), but it was still a good story.

I was, however, a little confused on who was who. So if you watch it, here’s a handy guide that I created after reading about the actual family:

Arthur Henley Keller (also known as Captain Keller): Father

Katherine Keller: Mother

James (Jimmy) Keller: Half Brother (Katherine Keller’s step-son)

Polly Keller: Sister (the baby)

Mary Keller: Grandmother (Captain Keller’s Mother)

Okay, all that aside. I really enjoyed this movie. I found it very interesting, and some parts were funny. The first scene, though, might be a little intense for young children who don’t understand quite what’s happening. There are not any scary parts, but there are a few sad scenes, like when Annie has flashbacks to her own childhood.

Captain Keller seems to yell his way through a good portion of the movie which made me laugh, especially when he wants a ladder. And James was an extremely interesting character. I liked the way he was torn through most of the movie (you’ll see what I mean when you watch it), and he made a wonderful decision for – well, I’ll let you see it for yourself and not give anything away. 😉

I really, really liked this movie, and I would highly recommend you watch it!



9 thoughts on “The Miracle Worker ~ Review

  1. I’ve never heard of that movie! I’ll have to see if it’s on Amazon Prime 🙂
    May I ask how the first scene was intense? (Like what was happening?) Was it when Helen was really frustrated and violent or something? I’ve read a biography of Helen Keller, and I think this movie sounds pretty cool! 🙂

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    • The first scene wasn’t too intense – it’s when the parents realize that Helen can’t see or hear, so there’s just a lot of shouting (and crying) – so for really young kids, they might be a little frightened (every child is different, though) but it wasn’t scary to me. 🙂 Does that make sense?


      • Okay, that does make sense. I asked Dad if we could maybe watch it. He said a movie that old probably wouldn’t be on Amazon Prime, but we could maybe get it at the library. So hopefully, we’ll watch it! 😀

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      • We watched it! I really enjoyed it, but it was pretty sad at the beginning 😦 I think the acting was fantastic! I can’t imagine how hard it would be to play Helen Keller, but Patty Duke did it pretty much perfectly! I’m not quite sure what you mean by James (or Jimmy) being torn… could you explain? And yes, the part where Captain Keller wanted a ladder was hilarious. xD

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      • I’m so glad you liked it!!
        Yes, Patty Duke did a fantasic job! And did you know, she was 15 when she got the part!
        James was torn (to me) because sometimes he thought that Annie should just leave Helen alone, but other times he thinks that Annie is right by trying to teach Helen. That’s how I saw it, anyway! 😀


  2. This was a good movie and a good review, Amara! Have you thought about reviewing The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe? Just a suggestion… 😉

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