Spring Makeup Tutorial

This is a fun spring makeup look, and today I’ll do a tutorial of it. Of course, there are a million different ways you can wear this, and the colors you choose.

1. Begin with your foundation and concealer, and be sure to apply it under your eyes as well.



2. Now I’m using a highlighter cream that has glitter in it, but a non-glittery one would work just as well.


Put it under the arch of your eyebrows and at the inside corners of your eyes. Then go over the same places with a white eyeshadow.



3. Sweep a color that’s close to your natural skin tone on your lids from the lash line to the crease. Blend.



4. Using a purple eyeshadow and en eyeliner brush, line your lid with a medium-deep purple.



5. Now use a lighter purple and blend that on the outside corners of your eyes, then put a light pink on the inside corners.



6. Just on the crease of your lid, blend on a light green.



7. Apply mascara to your top lashes only, but don’t curl them this time. You want to keep this really soft. With the eyeliner brush and gold glitter eyeshadow, line right under your lower lash line.



8. Now put on a soft blush. Though it doesn’t show up on camera, I used a shimmery one, but it’s up to you.



9. Cover your lips in a fresh, soft pink berry colored lip gloss.





This look is also great if you want to do a b&w photo (above) as it’s just dark enough to show up, but still soft and pretty.

Have fun! 😀



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