Spring Photography ~ 2017

Spring is one of my favorite seasons (second only to summer) because of all the pretty things that finally start growing! I really wanted to take pictures of these things, but I didn’t for a while because there were too many bumble bees for my liking. But I didn’t want to waste a spring without pictures, either. Thankfully, once I got out there, I didn’t get attacked (too much) and we each minded our own businesses. Here are the pictures!


I named this tree “Windslow”. Windslow is just outside my window, reminding me of the “Snow Queen” tree from Anne of Green Gables.


This picture I didn’t have time to “ready, aim, fire!” because of the bees flying around. I just threw my arms up to that spot on the tree, and hit the button – I can’t believe it turned out okay! (Can you spot the bug?)



Only three of The Four Sisters came up from last year.



This tulip is one of my favorites. I don’t remember seeing it last year – where did it come from?


Playing with perspective.




Okay, I don’t name EVERYTHING, but this tulip does have a name – Velvet – and it almost didn’t come up, but in the end, she bloomed beautifully!


This is my favorite tulip this year – I was worried that it wouldn’t bloom either! It didn’t look very healthy, but, here it is!

Which is your favorite?



3 thoughts on “Spring Photography ~ 2017

  1. Whoops, I thought I commented before this!

    Those are all such beautiful pictures! You’re definitely talented!

    My favorite is either the second one or the last one 😀

    By the way, did you get my email with the trampoline stuff? Just checking 😀

    Also by the way, can you vote for my video here?
    It’s a BB Google+ contest thing and if I win I get a BB water bottle…. so please vote for me!!!
    You don’t need an account or anything, just watch the video and click vote!
    You could also vote for Elisabeth’s if you want 🙂
    If you got your family to also vote, I would appreciate it. ;P ;P But don’t feel pressured to. 😛
    Thanks if you do it! 😀
    And thanks for posting these pretty pictures! 😀
    🙂 Hannah

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