Seasons of Gray: Synopsis and Short Review

We got Seasons of Gray for Christmas, and I really enjoyed it! I’d like to give a synopsis and short review for it.


*Please Note: The whole thing has spoilers!*


The movie starts with Brady’s narration about a brief history of his family, while you watch things happening that he and brothers are doing on “Gray Ranch”. This is where you learn that Brady can interpret dreams, and is having his own bothering one.


The oldest brother, Ryan, is jealous of his younger brother, Brady, who’s his father’s favorite. Ryan tells his father that he can handle the ranch, but his father tells him that if he wants to give all the land to Brady, he will.


Ryan decides that the only way to get Brady out of the way is drive him away from his father’s ranch, helpless. Though one brother protests about Ryan’s idea, Ryan follows through with beating Brady terribly and then had him sent many, many miles away, where he’s left alone with no help.


But a kind man, Chris Harper, takes the beat-up Brady to his apartment and tells Brady he can stay as long as he needs. Brady and Chris become good friends and Chris lands Brady a job working with him.


Here he has a new beginning, and, when he falls in love with Kate, a co-worker, he feels like he can start life over. But some days, he can’t escape past memories. Still, things seem to be going pretty well for Brady, until he’s accused of assaulting his boss’s wife, and lands in prison. He has a hard time seeing why he’s there. What could the reason be? He remains bitter for a while, but then, when he interprets a dream for his roommate, he sees things start to change.


Chris comes to visit Brady often, and eventually, through an odd set of circumstances…


…Brady gets back to court, and he’s set free.


Things seem to be going very well until he meets the men that did him wrong with the fates of their lives in his hands. Will Brady choose to forgive, or get back at them for their treacherous cruelty to him?


This movie was very well-made, and the acting was fantastic! The narration lasts for almost 15 minutes before Brady is being beat-up. The fighting goes on for a few minutes, and is rather scary. It isn’t gruesome, but looks very realistic.  After that, there isn’t anything violent. This movie is rated PG-13 for “one scene of violence and thematic elements throughout”.

It has a really good story, and I very much enjoy it!

Do I recommend this movie? Yes!


Brady Gray: Andrew Cheney



Chris Harper: Akron Watson



Kate Welling: Megan Wilson (Parker)



Ryan Gray: Jonathan Brooks



All of these pictures are from, and I am not selling, making a profit from, or benefiting from these in any way, shape, or form. All copyrights remain with the respective owner(s).



3 thoughts on “Seasons of Gray: Synopsis and Short Review

  1. YES!!! I LOVE this movie!! I have been wanting to ask you if you’ve seen it, but always forget 😛

    I agree with your review too. I would also add that the scene with Julia and Brady… probably parents watch it first. I’m not allowed to watch that scene because… well, you know. I also can’t watch the scene where Brady fights in jail and gets solitary confinement… also because, well, you know.

    Anyway, thanks for posting this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love all of your posts and check your blog almost daily hoping for a new post 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • The scene with Julia they did a good job with, and the one when he’s arguing in the jail and gets in solitary confinement makes me want to cry! The poor fellow! (Yes, even though he partly did it…)

      You’re welcome! And thank YOU for being such a loyal “fan”!!!


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